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so i’ve been thinking a lot in the past week, and because i’m me, i decided to put my thoughts and feeling into the form of poetry.
i am not necessarily implying that elliot rodgers had a mental health issue- but as always, whenever a shooting occurs, mental health is brought up, and it further highlights just how ignorant many people are when it comes to their comprehension of exactly what mental abnormalities are, and how we believe the brain works.
the public needs to be educated about mental health as much as it does misogyny and the toxicity of ‘masculinity’ to some minds.

mother of all [#yesallwomen] || an original poem

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favorite things in 2013 | 1/10 female characters

lizzie bennet (the lizzie bennet diaries)

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Ladies Survey [2013]

Our hearts are abandoned hearths.

Where laughter once stood, shadows dance among its last ghostly echoes, spinning into silence along the dusty ground.

Spectres of our forgotten dreams skitter from corner to corner like the petty things we made of our lives; all the inconsistent chatter and day to day heart cracks that tore the foundations down to so much rubble and ash.

Scavengers seek gaudy things in empty rooms, finding only their own undoing when they renew what gilded trash they unburied from the dirt. Ruin follow ruin and shatters all it touches, bring the smallest of shards raining down, blinding us to all fault.

And yet- a light still remains. Hidden between the brick and mortar, colour seeps in. Soft moss of green, the bright lip red of the solitary wild rose- locked beneath stone and misunderstanding. Only the keen eyes of over passing birds- too hurried towards to south- catch the shimmer of their incandescence. Forgotten, the colour sleeps- but it will burn for the rest of our lives.

These days, our souls are nothing more than empty houses. But if you care to explore, we’ll let you inside.

"The End is Where We Start From." || an original piece

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Can we just all agree to stop wearing band shirts of bands we don’t know?

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Breathe [a relaxing playlist]

wonderful tonight | eric clapton
climax | usher
brave | jan dulay
high for this | the weeknd
moonlight sonata | beethoven
bad religion | frank ocean
we are young | little mix [cover]
heartbeat | childish gambino
doomsday | bbc national orchestra of wales
fringe theme | unknown
hallelujah | rufus wainwright [cover]
perfect day | lou reed
lost boys and golden girls | meatloaf
comfortably numb | pink floyd
misty mountains | the cast of the hobbit
obsessions | marina and the diamonds
empty chairs at empty tables | eddie redmayne

And one of me just doing me.

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And one of me just doing me.